“Want a guided tour of an unfolding dream?” asked Aditya Arya at Museo Camera

It is difficult to meet Aditya Arya and not catch the twinkle in his eyes. His ‘zeal’ and ‘madness’ has the same quality as viral videos. Irresistible! The junoon to get his pet project going against all odds becomes obvious and you can’t but silently raise a toast to the crazy ones!

Separated at birth?
Pic Source – Aditya – Businessworld, Einstein – Internet

You also realize he looks a lot like Einstein. No really I mean it. I met him one afternoon a few months back when he and his team were still racing against time to finish the last leg of construction work so that the interior layout and display work of the proposed museum could finally start.

I am sure a lot of you have taken guided tours of museums and galleries after they have opened. But being given a guided tour of a dream that was still unfolding and coming to life was a very unique and special experience. I could see clearly through the mind’s eyes supported by his animated narration what the finished idea was going to be.

Watching a dream unfold.

Neither the dust of the construction nor the unfinished rawness of the museum building could take away from the awesomeness of the moment. I walked through relative emptiness and yet I came back being inspired, being touched in a profound way that is almost difficult to explain.

An unfolding museum of photography was just the ideal place to contemplate about ‘seeing’. As I sat enjoying the very kind ‘Biriyani’ hospitality at the museum I wondered if sophisticated technology and scientific advancement were making us less capable of inherently seeing things. I guess there is no easy answer to such questions.

Sidenote for reflection: If museum cafe’s served Biriyani would people flock to museums ?

The Museo Camera is envisioned to be a modern museum to showcase both, the art and science of photography. The museum’s website mentions that it is ‘a space that will have on display antique cameras from over 100 countries, photographic equipment down the ages, historical archives, the works of legends as well as cutting edge contemporary lens based art.’

It is envisaged as ‘a centre where aficionados and amateurs will have the rare opportunity to learn and experience the magic of photography, and through it, to explore the arts, ideas, and issues of our time.’

The front view
The first impression on entry
View from the top

Museo Camera is spread over 18,000 sq. ft. of built space set on .75 acres of land, with the ability to accommodate up to 200 visitors at a time.

Besides housing a unique collection of vintage cameras and Photographic equipment, the Museum also has gallery spaces for curated events, teaching facilities, studios for workshops, seminar rooms, a multi-media resource centre and a library.

The camera displays in all side glass formats ensure 360 degree viewing
The text captions at eye level – what a joy to read!
The Sponsor Flags
The staircase embodies a sense of narrative continuity
Rectangular structure and open layout enables multi dimensional seeing.
The gaze is allowed to flow freely in spite of the numerous interesting pit stops.

There will soon be a Museo Cafe and a Shop which will retail among other things, rare Photographic memorabilia.

Well the good news is that the museum has formally opened shop for visitors. So when are you visiting Museo Camera?

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