Safety Bytes : A series on SOPs of museum reopening post lockdown

For over 4 months now museums have been shut during covid lockdown. Museums in India have been severly affected specially those not relying on Government funding. This has meant revenue losses that has translated to job losses.

Keeping cultural institutions closed for long is thus not a feasible option. Museums thus must open now and in the near future in a situation where covid19 is still a reality and the vaccine is still to arrive.

It is against this backdrop that Museum Culture Marketing has activated SAFETY BYTES a insta live series on Safety related Standard Operating Systems being implemented by museums as they reopen.

Our 1st Safety Bytes session was held with Aditya Arya, Director Museuo Camera talking about the safety protocols being put in place at his museum.

Our top 5 takeaways from this session:

  1. Start thinking about safety from outside the museum. Museo Camera has put a green tray to clean footwear before entry
  2. Contact details of visitors key to keeping everyone in loop incase news of a Covid case arises post visit.
  3. Visitors have to inform the museum in good faith so others can get themselves checked in case of inadvertent exposure.
  4. Mininal operative staff for interim period also reduces risk of spread amongst employees.
  5. Mapping hot zones (greater visitor density) within the museum and directing more sanitization efforts accordingly.

Have you been to a museum post lockdown? Share with us the safety SOPs you experienced and how you felt about the same.

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