Pentagonal Strategy To Attract The Adult Working Target Group To Museums

Extend the working hours of the museums : Most working adults are in office till about 6 pm. Effectively this means that by the time they leave office, negotiate evening traffic and make their way into a museum it will not be before 7 PM at the earliest, unless they take a half day off. So if museums are sincere about wanting to increase the footfall of the adult working target group they will have to explore keeping the museum open for longer hours.

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The Indian Museum in Kolkta has recently extended it’s working hours. In an article in the TOI newspaper Indian Museum’s Director Rajesh Purohit was recently quoted “Even office timings have changed today. The earlier 10am to 5pm timings have ceased for most people even in the Government sector. So why should we be an exception? Even educational institutions have longer timings these days and it is possible that young scholars might want to spend an evening out at the museum. We should make that possible.” (indian-museum-to-remain-open-longer)

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Dial up weekend promotional offers: The reality of busy & stressed lives mean that mostly the only time that this group of working adults have for any leisure activity is the weekend. Malls, hotels, spas, cinemas, entertainment zones typically tend to offer special weekend packages to meet the needs of this target group. These could range from happy hours, family packages, couples only offers, Buy 1 get 1 deals, special discounts, combo deals etc.

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The National Rail Museum in Chanakyapuri offers family discounts on weekends and on Government holidays. Their website mentions — Family group concession on entry ticket on Weekend and Govt. Holiday INR 200/- for 2 Adults + upto 2 child. (

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Offer experience not just information: The one thing any adult working person often complains about is the monotony and robotic nature of his or her life. Curators and galley managers thus must rise beyond information sharing to create more immersive & disruptive experiences that offer a real chance to get away from the humdrum of daily existence. The nature of display must actively orient towards activating specific emotional responses from the audience that comes to engage with the display material.

The recently opened Indian Music Experience in Bangalore is India’s only interactive music museum. It offers a great example of what immersive & experiential design can achieve in the context of the museum experience, (

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Focus on the food and beverage: A working adult is most likely to be hungry if coming directly from work for a museum visit in the evening. Weekend outing choices are often dictated by the food and beverage options available within or nearby the place of visit. Thus the museum café or restaurants near the museum can often act as feeder gateways to the museum visit itself. Museums thus not only need to focus on building the menu option, offering the right setting for the food, explore tie ups with restaurants nearby incase in house offerings not feasible to tickle the palate of potential museum visitors.

Café Lota at the Crafts Museum in New Delhi has done a stellar job of not only bringing alive the museum ethos but also igniting a sense of curiosity about the museum itself in first time visitors to the café.

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Think of the visitor’s journey end to end: When a visitor is thinking about going to a museum the net experience is often either lifted or undermined by many small but very critical variables such as cleanliness in and around the museum, parking space, ease of navigation within the museum, access to clean drinking water and washrooms etc. While by itself these variables may not be the sole reason for choosing to visit the museum often these can risk becoming underlying factors to avoid a museum.

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