Fouzia Dastango – 1st Female Dastangoi Storyteller

#MCMexclusive #WomenInCulture #CultureWorkers #India Dastangoi is a 13th century Urdu oral storytelling art form.This form of the art was revived in 2005 and thousands of shows have been performed in India and abroad since then. One of the earliest references in print to dastangoi is a 19th-century text containing 46 volumes of the adventures of Amir […]

Incredible India – ‘Adopt A Heritage’ Project

From the website The project plans to entrust heritage sites/monuments and other tourist sites to private sector companies, public sector companies and individuals for the development of tourist amenities. They would become ‘Monument Mitras’ and adopt the sites. The basic and advanced amenities of the tourist destinations would be provided by them. They would […]

Notre Dame fire should be ‘wake-up’ call for India to protect its heritage buildings: Global Expert

Vinod Daniel, an India-born Australian and top museum specialist, also said that along with the central-level exercise, a state-level fire safety auditing should also be done. The devastating blaze at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris should serve as a “wake-up call” for India, a global heritage expert said Wednesday and suggested that the new government […]

Broto Alpona – Finger Painted Messages to the Gods

Bengali women from time immemorial performed various magico-religious rituals to appease and influence their Gods to grant them their wishes. These rituals involved finger painted designs drawn on clay floors and walls. These women, often powerless members of society, used this art form to convey their hopes and wants to their Gods and display their […]

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