Museum Week 2020 is here. Come join the conversation!

Museum Week is back again. Starting tomorrow we will be sharing museum content on all our social media handles. Do join the conversation with your museum stories.

The premise of museum week is very simple – 7 days, 7 themes , 7 hastags basis which museums, cultural organisations, museums lovers post on social media.

Through out this week we will be partnering with various museum and culture professionals and institutions to focus on the power of art and culture in these difficult times afflicted by the corona crisis.

We will also travel to various museums virtually to highlight how #museumsarechanging in India.

Day 1 – HeroesMW
Day 2 – CultureInQuarantine
Day 3 – TogetherMW
Day 4 – MuseumMomentsMW
Day 5- ClimateMW
Day 6 – TechnologyMW
Day 8 : TechnologyMW

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