Museum Week 2019

#MuseumWeek is an opportunity to promote fun and educational cultural experiences across every genre, communicating them through social media. More than 5,000 cultural institutions in 120 countries took part in 2018, and 2019 is all set to be even more exciting.

The aim is to encourage more amateurs and professionals to create and enjoy cultural experiences, raise their profiles, open up internationally, offer more to interest visitors, respond to what the public wants, add to their databases, come up with new events and champion their values.

The 6th #MuseumWeek will feature a series of events broadcast live, and the 12 community managers running the social media newsroom for #MuseumWeek will be sending out publications 24 hours a day.

What’s more, this year’s event is championing an important cause: the place of women in culture, yesterday, today and tomorrow. #WomenInCulture will be our unifying call throughout the week.


The Cause: Although the role of women in society is obviously just as important as that of men, it is far from being properly recognized. The world of culture is coming together to launch #WomenInCulture, a worldwide movement intending to promote the role of women in the fields of history, art, culture, science and culture in general, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

First, to pay tribute to those who should have been known by the general audience, and to give them the historical importance they deserve.

Second, to give a shootout to all these women actively engaged in the cultural world today, including individuals, workers, influencers, funders, etc.

And finally, to raise awareness on the importance of the education of girls: just like boys, girls can become artists, philosophers, cultural workers, writers or scientists.

Events related to WomenInCulture are happening both before and after #MuseumWeek. #WomenInCulture is a movement that’s here to stay.

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