Make way for the Coronavirus Car from Sudha Cars Museum

Sudhakar Yadav the founder of Sudha Car Museum in Hyderabad always had an inclination towards motor cars and mechanics since childhood.

He built his first car when he was just 14 years old out of articles repurposed from the junkyard. The museum is home to custom home built cars. 

Amidst the global corona virus pandemic Sudharkar has created the ‘Coronavirus Car.’ The green colored car mirroring the corona virus is hard to miss.

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It is a single seater car with a 100CC engine with a speed of 40km/ph. The fibre bodied car has six wheels and took 10 days to complete. Sudhakar created the car to spread the message of staying at home and maintain social distancing.

Make way for the #Coronavirus #Car from #SudhaCar #Museum, #Hyderabad #India built by Sudhakar Yadav to spread the message of #stayingathome #museumsfromhome #COVID #Covid19India #LockdownNow

Posted by Museum Culture Marketing on Wednesday, 8 April 2020
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 Earlier too Sudhakar has created cars to send out specific messages to the society. The cage car shown below was created to spread the message of not caging birds but letting them soar in the sky.

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Another car built by Sudhakar is the Safety Car not surprisingly shaped like a helmet to  indicate the need and priority of wearing reliable protection while travelling on the roads.

By Rameshng – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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