Heard about the Museum of Hangovers?

Meet Rino Dubokovic,  a 24 years old student entrepreneur from island Hvar (Croatia). He likes to travel, to play bass guitar in band Kidney Gin. He has a startup called Floornap which is a platform for low budget accommodation within 15€. He is also the Founder and Director of the Museum of Hangovers

Rino answered our questions via an e-interview

What is your personal history with hangovers?
 I had lots of hangovers, I even have my own story in the museum.

What makes a pizza you go-to food when you have a hangover?
I order pizza because I am too lazy to cook something and the pizza is the most affordable delivery food.

Do you recall the exact moment when this idea of a Museum of Hangover came to you?
After having a blast at a Beer fest, my friends and I went for one more drink to a bar next to where this Museum is today. As we were talking about funny stuff that was mostly drunk stories, my friend told us a story about how he recently woke up with a bike pedal in his pocket. Apparently, his friend was driving his bike when he drunkenly smashed into a pier, broke a pedal and fell down on tram rails. Luckily there was no tram passing by at that moment. As he was telling his story I thought of a great idea – a place or some sort of collection where all these objects from drunk stories (like this pedal) would be exposed together with their stories. And that is when the idea of Hangovers museum was born and came to life 6 months later.

Who did you share it with first and what was the reaction?
I first shared the idea with a group of my friends. Instinctively, I knew this was a good idea because everyone around me laughed so hard and started to remember their hangover stories and began sharing. Most of us have a handover story. So everyone identify with it.  

From the first thought to an actual concept to a live museum – can you walk us through the process of actually setting up the museum?
The hardest part was finding space for the museum and find good stories to start with. After we found the location, it took us 1 month to set it up, but it’s a test concept. We are taking it one step at a time.

How did you decide on the structure and form of the museum and galleries/ sections?
We brainstormed about the concept and we decide that it would be a narrative constructed around the idea of ‘one drunk night and a hangover morning’. We felt this would be something different from other classical museums. The unique thing about our museum is that it has no reference in the museum setting. We will be unfolding more new concepts in the future.

Which is your favorite hangover story?
Oh there is this story of some people waking up with penguins in the room and they didn’t know where it come from and so they decide to put it in the nearest water. When the local zookeeper found out in the morning that there was a penguin missing he started to look for it. In the end the penguin stealers were charged for stealing a penguin

What are your revenue generation plans?
Currently what we have here is a test concept.  In the near future, we plan to open a big museum. We anticipate revenue generation via tickets, shop inside the museum, bar, and partnerships with local breweries. We are also open to franchising in the future.

How do you plan to market and promote the museum?      
Our focus would be on social media ads, Google SEO and also also flyers etc. As and when required we will also be communicating through press for events etc.

How do you see the future unfolding for such a project?
After we get the financing to make the bigger museum, we will set up a final concept. The goal is to arrive at a standardized output to enable franchises.

MENTION: Any grammatical errors and spelllinh mistakes may be blamed on hangovers. 🙂

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