Freedom 2020 : A 3 day online festival of freedom bringing together museums and people from different walks of life.

When people are locked down as we are in the current situation what do we miss the most? Our freedom! We start realising the small and big freedoms that we have always taken for granted. So to debate, ideate and celebrate freedom in all it’s shades we conceptualised FREEDOM 2020 a3 day online festival of freedom bringing together people from different walks of life, entirely planned. produced and executed remotely from cities across India.

Day 1

We started with an Expressive Art Therapy workshop with Ishani Ahuja to help people find freedom within by unlocking limiting thoughts etc.

We followed up the art based initiative with an exploration of Freedom and Conflict in conjunction with the Conflictorium – Museum of Conflict.

Day 2

We explored personal voices, interactive plays and set up a musical rendezvous with freedom at midnight.

INNOVATION – Interactive Digital Play with Live Audience Participation
Solo Performance – Experimenting with formats
Midnight Rendezvius With Freedom
Midnight Rendezvous With Freedom
Personal Interpretation of Freedom
Journeying Into Freedom

Day 3

We explored young voices and their take on freedom, stopped by the Kulwant Roy Archives at Museo Camera and then danced to the tune of Freedom.

Voices of Freedom
Documenting History of Freedom
Dance of Freedom

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